Blessem Communications LLC is a Central Pennsylvania company that offers a full range of creative services including web design, logo design, print design services, publishing services, brand messaging, digital branding, brand strategy, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing, market research, content marketing, inbound marketing, and more! We are happy to serve clients across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, but have a special interest in working with non-profits, and for-profits who prioritize social good or social justice as a central part of their identity.

Blessem Communications logo on a notepad

Our Core Beliefs...

Be Ethical

We always strive to follow strong and sound ethical beliefs, practices, and endeavors at Blessem Communications LLC.  Knowledge, wisdom, equality, civility, diversity, mutual respect, justice, honesty, compassion, courage, success, and excellence are some of our most cherished principles.

Embrace Diversity

Blessem Communications LLC follows standards of operations and best practices that lead to success. We hold steady to our mission while utilizing proven strategies. We also fully appreciate any opportunity to learn about new, better, and/or different practices and methods while working with people from a variety of contexts, people who have different lived experiences that our own, and people who make up organizations who are attempting to serve particular key demographics.

Serve America

We seek to work with anyone in our world and we welcome the chance to serve you, no matter where you (or your chosen audiences) reside geographically! Most of our experiences, however, have been with American nonprofits or for-profits who primarily serve people residing in the United States, and are organizations who are purposefully trying to make America a better nation.

Empower LGBTQ+

Blessem Communications LLC is proudly LGBTQ+ owned. We particularly welcome the opportunity to work with those who are also LGBTQ+ owned, those who care about the LGBTQ+ community, and/or those who support LGBTQ+ causes.

Duane Romberger

Founder / Owner

Duane Romberger holds decades of experience in the worlds of business, marketing, and communications.  As a former project manager for a New York-based marketing agency, Duane served a variety of clients representing various industries.  Duane began providing services to churches and non-profits through his sole proprietorship ten years ago.  His services grew to include small businesses over the years and he formally created Blessem Communications LLC in 2022. Duane holds degrees in Communications, Psychology, Divinity, and Research.  He is passionate about meaningful conversations, spirituality, and social justice.  He is a dedicated family man, a loyal friend, and ordained in the United Church of Christ.